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Chiller Than Human

Chill Panda Sticker

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The chillest panda you'll ever find. Playing GameCube, hitting the bong, and munching on chips? Say less.

Single sticker only. A kiss cut sticker that is easy to peel from the liner, to personalize almost anything! The multi-purpose sticky backing allows the the weather resistant stickers to be placed on anything from cars to notebooks and can be easily removed and restuck anywhere.


· Removable, kiss-cut vinyl stickers
· Can be used to decorate and personalize laptops, drink bottles, books, windows, and more
· Super durable and water-resistant
· White border around each sticker
· Matte finish

Size guide

  3″×3″ 4″×4″ 5.5″×5.5″
Height (inches) 3 4 5 ½
Width (inches) 3 4 5 ½